Simmering with ideas for the summer…

April 5, 2019

Casually sumptuous. Eye-catchingly creative. Edible works of art people WANT to eat. That’s what’s on everyone’s list this summer. Vibrant colour. Tingling texture. Fabulous fresh feasts that are fun.


So what are our top 5 taste bud tempting trends to indulge in this year?

A buffet Jim, but not as you know it!

Casual catering is in demand. Weddings, large events, exclusive gatherings; feasting is back and big in 2019… but with a twist. We’re moving from formal service to farmhouse style sharing. Make no mistake, though, this is no 1970s dodgy buffet. Instead, this is something fit for the Instagram generation. Think rustic wooden tables groaning under the weight of platters laden with vibrantly coloured salads and grilled meats. With the right venue, this laid back vibe works a treat.

Vegan exploration; it’s about knowing your onions!

Veganism took 2018 menus by storm, and 2019 is seeing dishes whoosh into uncharted tastetastic territory; the creative juices are flowing. It is no longer enough to know the provenance of your beef, though… you now need to know your carrots and onions too. With the obvious health benefits of a plant-based diet, clients no longer see Vegan or Vegetarian options as second best; you just have to be super-creative.

Low and slow; deliciously wood-fired & smoked!

Slow food is moving fast. Think 24-hour beef and fire pit lamb and you won’t go wrong. Slowly cooked over the embers to offer an amazing depth of flavour, you bring a sense of shared theatre to your event as people watch and wait.




Nice and spicey!

Chefs are spicing it up and pushing boundaries this year. Who said mixologists could have all the fun! But what’s on trend? Think Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon, Acacia, and of course Turmeric. Amazing Health benefits and creative flavour bombs; what’s not to like here?

Bowling ‘em over!

That’s right, bowl food is enjoying a renaissance with a 2019 twist. Cooks are getting creatively cultural. Out go mainstream Bangers and Mash and Shepherd’s Pie, and in come Donburi, Poke and Lakas. We’re talking cosmopolitan cuisine to entertain, excite, and enthrall.





Eating has never been so stylish but relaxed…


Photos by Chloe Ely


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