The idea of Indulgence was first cooked up in 2004. Anthony and Jo Robinson believed they had the ingredients for the recipe for success… and turned up the heat.

From the start, Indulgence has always been about pushing foodie boundaries, creating truly exquisite dishes, and serving them at events where quality and imaginative thinking matter. Nothing is impossible. No idea is too wild. No menu is too complicated. And no party should be without a sprinkling of Indulgence.

As far as Anthony and Jo see it, there is no reason why delicious food can’t be served with fun and flair, plus a bit of fandango thrown in when it suits. Whether it’s for an intimate dinner, a party with pizazz, a pop-up restaurant, a wedding wanting WOW!, the team at Indulgence can design a menu with style.

Jo and Anthony revel in creating inspired hospitality for corporate events, where only sheer professionalism and class will do, the Indulgence team’s credentials are simply second to none.

Memories by the mouthful

Anthony trained classically at the Savoy and Dorchester hotels in London; a superb start to any culinary career. He then spent several years developing his expertise in Michelin-starred restaurants in the South of France, including the world-renowned Hotel du Cap. But then a touch of wander-lust lured him off to far-flung places, and he travelled extensively through Asia revelling in the regional culinary offerings and topping up his desire to bring new ideas back to the UK. It was then, upon his return, that it was time to throw himself into launching Indulgence Boutique Hospitality with Jo.

Jo is a graduate in food marketing and business. And though she loves fabulous food, she also has a passion for outstanding service. Over the years, Jo has worked closely with many of the UK’s finest food producers, and has always made it her quest to serve food made with the best ingredients available in the UK. To her, using beautiful, seasonal, fresh, and exciting produce is the only way to cook. Enjoying it then served with creative flair, is the only way to eat. A perfectionist at heart, it’s Jo’s eye for detail that can turn a wedding into a wonder.

All in all, the incredibly talented team at Indulgence have had the privilege of hosting events for members of the Royal Family, celebrities, and VIPs. Professionalism is key; discretion is paramount.

From where have we come?

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There is no such thing as
over-Indulgence; only exquisite
 food and delighted guests

Jo & Anthony - Founders

"With a lifetime of experience, we offer the very best in boutique hospitality. We are proud to be associated with some of the finest events held across the U.K, from intimate parties through to catering for thousands of people. Our talented and passionate team ensure your special event is seamless, creating memorable experiences with every mouthful."