2018 Wedding Food Trends

December 14, 2017

With 2018 just around the corner – Jo Robinson, co-founder of Indulgence shares her predictions for the top 2018 Wedding Food Trends. From magical to minimalist, local and in season to feasting and personalisation, couples are getting creative – so read on to be inspired for your big day!

Trend #1: Magical

Magical weddings such as Midsummers Night or Enchanted Weddings are very much in vogue, and we believe they will retain their popularity in 2018 with added greenery and sparkle.

The Bodleian Library recently held an Open Evening where the Old Schools Quadrangle was transformed into an Enchanted Wedding party and guests were wowed by this theme.

Indulgence-bodelian-libraries Indulgence-bodelian-libraries

The Bodleian Library * Images by Barker Evans * Flowers by Fabulous Flowers *

Magical weddings tend to have an abundance of greenery, white flowers and twinkly fairy-lights. Look for a magnifying of this trend with extra twinkles, sparkles, greenery and magic.

With food, think of dishes with edible greenery and pretty flowers such as micro herbs, berries, marigold, viola and dianthus petals. For those couples truly embracing the magical theme, the whole eating experience will become a part of the magic – such as this fabulous duck dish leaving guests in awe and wonder as the glass cloche reveals the delicate dish.



* Images by Lucy Davenport *

Trend #2:  Minimalist

Minimalist offers a clean, cool, simplistic vibe for your wedding, and sees a nod to elegance and sophistication.

Minimalist can be reflected in different ways but more often than not the theme has a more neutral transparent feel. Venue styles tend to have a minimalist chic vibe, with stunning views – whether it be overlooking the city or the beautiful rolling countryside. Think floor to ceiling windows, rooftop terraces, open marquees or the great outdoors. If you are looking for a venue that suits this style, Caswell House in the Cotswolds offers a blank canvas for couples to create the perfect minimalist setting.

Table Décor and Menu Choices

The minimalistic vibe can also be reflected in the table décor and menu choices – with clean lines and chic elegant table pieces with single flower stems and sprigs of greenery such as rosemary or fern. Tableware includes white or ivory plates with crystal glasses.

When it comes to food, luxurious elegance is what we aim for, such as Scottish Salmon 99 – Smoked and Tartare with Caviar Cream in a Crisp Cornet with Roast Loin of Oxfordshire Lamb to follow. Clean iced cakes fit in well with this theme.


Trend #3: Fresh, Local and In-Season

We are pleased this trend has gained momentum over the last few years, with people understanding the importance of locally sourced produce that is kinder to the environment and supports local businesses. People are turning to fresh, organic foods sourced locally we can only see this trend strengthening.

At Indulgence, this is part of our ethos and for years we have been creating dishes from locally sourced food, much grown from our own Kitchen Garden. We are now seeing more and more couples expect this, and request food sourced from within 20-30 miles of their wedding venue, which we love!

In 2018 expect to find more descriptive menus to connect guests with where their food came from, and an increase in local foraging within close proximity to the venue, to create a story and bring the dishes and drinks to life.

Stately Homes

Some of our Stately Home venues such as Holdenby House, have amazing historic kitchen gardens.  At this venue, Indulgence works in collaboration with the Head Gardener to incorporate their home grown ingredients into our menus. The dishes are often garden vegetable centric, no longer is just the source of the meat important – the vegetables, edible flowers and garden herbs are just as important to adding to both presentation and flavour.

Descriptive Menus

We are now seeing more and more couples request food sourced from within 20-30 miles of their wedding venue, which we love! In 2018 expect to find more descriptive menus that connect guests to the local area and where their food came from, with an increase in local foraging to create a story that brings the dishes and drinks to life.

We love serving award winning NYE Timber sparkling wine with seasonal fruits, Farnborough eggs with asparagus soldiers and Cotswolds Cerney Cheese Bon Bons


* Images by Lucy Davenport *

Trend #4: Feasting

This is a trend that is gaining popularity every year. Couples are moving away from the more traditional 3 course wedding breakfast and are instead turning to feasting or festival style eating to showcase what they love about food.

Plates or boards are served to your table for guests to share, which is a lovely way to get family and friends chatting to each other as the boards are passed around. Regards seating, banquet style tables lend themselves perfectly to feasting. We call this ‘Harry Potter style dining’ and feasting creates a fun, buzzy atmosphere.

When it comes to food, look out for an increase in fun, such as Parma Ham, Chargrilled Peaches with Elderflower Dressing served on a sharing board and Guinea Fowl Lollipops to share around the table.



* Images by Lucy Davenport *

Trend #5: Create Your Own

In 2018 expect a surge in wedding personalisation. Indulgence love working with wedding couples blending their favourites into bespoke wedding menus. 2017 saw the rise in the ‘Pimp Your Own’ drink stations – and 2018 will see that personalisation move even further. Expect to see cocktail hours offering paired snacks and local craft spirits, and couples bringing their own alcohol creation for guests to try, such as their own blend of Gin from The Ginstitute. We also love a choice of ice-cubes with berries, herbs, and flowers to infuse your drink choice.

Food Stations

Food stations will continue to be in vogue although we are starting to see couples request that the stations stay in the main wedding party area rather than a different room, to retain the buzzy feel throughout the night.


Whilst comfort food will still be a popular food station choice, we are starting to see more elaborate requests such as Cured salmon with the families’ home made Orange Vodka, Peruvian Cerviche – the bride and groom’s favourite meal and reflecting their engagement in the Peruvian rainforest.

Evening Grazing

On the other end of the spectrum – sweet treats incorporated into evening grazing is becoming more and more popular. Alongside the popular food trucks, 2017 saw doughnuts as a popular choice.  We are being asked more and more for patisserie table as a focal point for the evening reception, so guests can mingle for longer, with a lovely selection of smaller desserts and individual gateauxs, little meringues, macarons and eclairs. For a simpler and more cost effective option ‘pimp your pancake’ is popular request from our 2018 couples


* Images by Lucy Davenport *

So, these are the trends we expect to see in 2018, with a few more exciting themes and dishes thrown in. 2018 is set to be another fantastic foodie year and we can’t wait!


Indulgence x

Whether you are planning a large event for 5000 guests, an intimate dinner party or a luxury wedding, Indulgence create exquisitely bespoke menus that will impress and tantalise your guests

Indulgence is located on the edge of the Cotswolds, near Banbury, Oxfordshire.If you would like to talk to Indulgence about your wedding food please call us on 01295 690888 or email events@indulging.co.uk


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