Wedding Food Trends

April 4, 2017

Our team are absolutely passionate about food, and are always the first to know of upcoming wedding food trends. This year our predictions include a focus on British ingredients. The new stand out trends include striking colours, hero vegetables such as beetroot, aubergine, purple cauliflower, onions and stripy tomatoes and of course the continued focus on superb locally sourced produce with a provenance and heritage story.

Striking Colours

When it comes to striking colours, we absolutely love using edible flowers and during the Spring and Summer months we use a wide range of absolutely delicious and decorative edible flowers ranging from pansies to marigolds, violets to hibiscus, there is a huge range of beautiful edible flowers to create a visual and artistic story, and can be used to reflect the clients colour theme.

The increasing use of colour is also reflected in the drinks we serve – edible petals in prosecco and champagne in lovely cut crystal coupe glasses is my favourite drink trend this year.  We are having a number of requests for floral ice cubes, which is a lovely addition to a non-alcoholic drink for abstemious guests and shows they have been thought about with a special touch.

The metallic colour theme is evident in our weddings and is being embraced by those in the wedding industry as an elegant, whimsical and natural trend.  We are catering for this year with an abundance of edible gold leaf, whether white, pink or yellow with metallic place settings such as gold dipped glasses.  Gold and silver is everywhere when it comes to Wedding Cakes, Metallic is also reflected in the couples choice of dress and tailoring.

We love that food and drink is becoming more bold, bright and beautiful, with the increasing use of natural ingredients to create striking colours.


wedding-food-trends-2017-Indulgence wedding-food-trends-2017-Indulgence wedding-food-trends-2017-Indulgence

Hero Vegetables

Upcoming food trends are forecasted to become more veg centric – and we can already see more delicious and visually beautiful salads/vegetables becoming the hero of the dish with fish or meat taking secondary place on the plate. In addition, Spanish restaurants are still very popular and seem to be gaining pace on the London food scene – so we predict tapas style starters coming to the fore next year, which is very exciting and great to have platters on a table for guests to share.

Locally Sourced

We love locally sourced produce, and this is an essential part of who we are as a business. It is a delight to see over the last few years this growing as a food trend with couples specifically asking for the stories behind their food. We are proud that most of our vegetables and edible flowers are grown in our own Kitchen Garden, with Head Gardiner Emma picking the best produce from the garden on a daily basis. Where we can’t farm our own, we source from a selection of superb local food hero’s such as Aubrey Allen who are By Royal Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen.


wedding-food-trends-2017-Indulgence wedding-food-trends-2017-Indulgence wedding-food-trends-2017-Indulgence


Wedding Dresses

Brides dresses are a great barometer for food trends, dresses are prettier at the moment, lots of lace and pretty features such as ruffles, bows and colours rather than the minimalist dresses a few years ago.  Our food has become prettier to reflect this. We are always look at wedding dress trends, alongside food trends to plan for the following year in our menu designs.

Our huge experience in boutique hospitality means that we can bring in lots of different ideas to help deliver to the client’s vision.  No ideas are too wild or complicated, and our bespoke menus conjure up the best experience to tantalise and wow guests.


wedding-food-trends-2017-Indulgence wedding-food-trends-2017-Indulgence wedding-food-trends-2017-Indulgence


Photos by Lucy Davenport Photography


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